"Just be confident"

You can lead a horse to water, I guess.

We're not fucking horses that are just too stupid to listen to your sage advice. Instead of responding with condescending, ignorant bullshit, try to change your approach and listen. You are NOT showing any understanding or empathy and you've conveniently decided that anyone who rejects your advice is just "choosing" to not get better.

  • It takes confidence to fake confidence in the first place. Being able to maintain eye contact and all the other things that portray confidence takes confidence to pull off convincingly.

-Faking confidence does not necessarily always lead to "real" confidence. Socializing is much, much more than confidence, and having it or faking it doesn't mean that you'll be funny, likable, attractive, etc.

-Saying "it's all in your mind" doesn't mean anything. Anxiety, self-esteem and other mental health issues can't just be fixed by "mind over matter" crap.

-You're telling us not to assume that other people are succeeding without tons of effort, yet YOU are assuming that we're still FA because we haven't put in the effort. Just World Fallacy.

-Just because something worked for you doesn't mean it will work for everyone. That's ridiculously self-centered to think.

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