I was just at a corporate Burger King event in the USA with some very high execs in the room. They're not getting the message yet.

Figure be it burger king or any other fast food joint none of us in this sub should ever again eat at them.

Which being said,

Cooking at home is not all that time consuming and hard. Fine, tons of people lack the skills to cook as they have been brought up eating garbage, but its not that difficult to learn. Its also more often than not way cheaper than anything form the fast food joints anyways.

What the main complaints with people tend to fall in to are not that all food is expensive and take a long time to prepare, but rather the shit they want to eat is expensive and take a long time to prepare. My late brother as an example, all he liked to eat at one point was meat, cheese, and takeout... of course it was fucking expensive. He never cooked at home either... He knew how, but was just lazy.

If anyone really wants to start looking at cooking at home i can give tips, but there are entire subs and youtube channels worth of cheap quick meal prep at home instruction to look through.

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