Just curious... What villagers do y'all have?

It’s kinda a whole thing..

Recently I’ve been trying out new faces. So I originally had Skye, Rosie, Walker, Octavian, Marina, Raymond, Marshal, Franchine, Ankha, and Rudy. I loved them to death, and thought they all got along well on my island (since before establishing that order, I had others come and go who weren’t good candidates like Apollo for example)... anyway for a while I was really content with everyone. But then I got chief in my campsite and decided it was time to have some fresh faces.

I still have Rosie, Octavian, Marina, Raymond, and Ankha. But I’ve also had some people come and go like Hazel, Agent S, Flurry, Anchovy, Nana, Lyman, etc. some of them I really liked, but not enough to feel complete.

My current selection is Rosie, Octavian, Marina, Raymond, Ankha, Judy, Diana, Chief, Muffy, Prince. I love Judy, and Diana as new editions. I thought I’d love Muffy and Chief as well, but they’re not growing on me like I thought they would. So chief, Muffy and prince are subject to change. As of now, I’d love to try out Zucker, Lucky, Stitches, Tia, and Merengue. But I might shift my opinion in the future considering Merengue and Stitches have never been on my radar until recently.

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