Just to dispel the doubts about the Meepo NLS-pro ESC

Honestly with all of this discrepancy happening and the fact that the Meepo site says “4 drive modes” on the NLS Pro and “3 drive modes” on the Mini2 is more evidence. Bear in mind it was just yesterday when I ordered my NLS Pro that the listing for NLS pro stated “3 drive modes” and today it’s different! The Mini 2 uses the same NR remote however the NR is currently being programmed for both YingLi and Hobbywing under the titles NR-A and NR-B respectively.

It is my suspicion that they are pulling Hobbywing ESC’s from NLS PRO’s in order to fulfill orders of the new Mini2, and shipping NLS PROS with the Meepo 3.0 ESC. The proof is in the pudding and the writing is on the walls!

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