I just don’t like them.

I'm a girl

What does that have to do with anything? Does being female make you somehow less capable of growing the fuck up and moving out of your parent's house?

I can’t up and go on a whim

Do you need someone here to call for help for you? You live in an area where your legs don't function and you can't travel freely?? Are you being kept captive? I don't understand.

Actually, my parents owe themselves an apology since I never even wanted a dog in the first place

Again, holy shit with the entitlement. It's unreal to me that someone could actually be self-absorbed enough to think the way you do. You are an ADULT living with your parents. You have no say. You are living under their roof when they should have kicked your ass to the curb a year ago.

you don’t know what I'm doing to save up for moving out

How long does it take to save up to move out? You've been of working age for several years by this point. Are you waiting to move out until you can pay cash for a house? Deposit + first month + last month = you should have been moved out 9+ months ago.

Nobody’s throwing a temper tantrum except for you

Except that I'm not an entitled adult, living with my parents, who threw a fit and "got into an argument with my parents" until you got your way.

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