i just don’t understand the idea of releasing broken hero every months, it doesn’t seem thoughtful at all

People in mythic/legend know how to avoid situations like this. Your team had lord but attacked without him. First mistake. Try killing enemys in faramis ult. Second mistake. Wrong battle spells. Third mistake. This positioning hurts my brain. You started a teamfight between two towers of them. Look at Harith for example. I dont have any words for this Fourth Mistake. Dont follow your tank if he do stupid moves like this. Fifth mistake. Maybe you cant anything for it, i dont know which hero you played. I had the same desire to help my teammates anytime before i reached legend but this only made me stuck in grandmaster and epic. I/we did things like trying to kill heavy cc heroes under their tower or try to win 3 vs 5 battles with same level/gold as enemy team. It's better to think twice about the current situation on the battlefield before you jump in to fight the enemy. Sometimes its better to let your teammates do suicide without you.

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