Just Eat UK to display food hygiene ratings on platform nationwide

There isn’t a report available for the restaurant in question but I’m also not bothered enough to make a FOI request etc

This place I’ve enjoyed for years and has always had a 5 star rating until the time I refer to.

It was then released as a 1 star rating but was not closed down, the restaurant was then re-rated weeks later and went right back to its 5 star status.

The food has always been delicious, restaurant immaculately clean and it has a very good and popular reputation - your information suggests that something must have been horrendously wrong, but was rectified very swiftly.

You’re right that the press release they made mentioned only paperwork / filing issues - ultimately, this blip wouldn’t stop me eating there, especially when I’ve only had amazing experiences, yet I’ve caught food poisoning from 5 star venues like Wagamamas.

You’re clearly very passionate about this subject - are you concerned about the impact of Brexit upon food standards?

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