Just end this

Geordie Shore was good because it was a show about the party lifestyle where guys and girls go out and have a reckless night unjudged; like many people in the UK do weekly (the audience).

Now the show is about a group of celebrities who live together and get paid to go sit in VIP booths arguing about their drama back home. They do not interact with anyone, they do not do what normal people do (go gym/ go out to eat / outdoor adventures). They swapped all that for a big brother celebrity edition with the daily "night out".

The second the characters became famous it lost its foundation. This was obvious when Holly was slut shaming her housemates for behaving how she used to..

Either scrap the whole house and restart with no famous people; let them dance and mingle with the crowd using hidden cameras and repeat after each set of cast members becomes "VIP" famous or scrap the show.

It's boring now.

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