Just enjoyed a shower with a Speedway Stout as the shower beer of choice. WBU?

Showers are nice. I totally need to add a tray and other things to my bathroom/tub so I can eat, surf the Internet on my laptop/phone, and be able to do other things to relax further in the shower.

Also trying out new recipes is nice, and that's kind of you to bring in some food for your coworkers. I'm not very culinarily inclined, but my brother very much is. He has tried out so many homemade recipes and is always thinking of the next thing to try. He's made homemade burgers, red velvet cake, carrot cake, beef stroganoff, chicken pot pie...I swear he needs to open a weekend restaurant on the side. He's even expressed interest in trying to make Beef Wellington at some point (and THAT is very difficult to pull off, from what I've heard from food-inclined creators online).

I'm staying up a bit later than I should, especially since I have some educational training in the morning. I should probably go to sleep soon. Also trying to plan a bit of a weekend excursion downtown (but I have all day tomorrow to do that too). I normally would hang out with a close friend on the weekend, but he is on a trip to Seattle and will also be taking a foreign language test soon (he's hoping to get into a program in South Korea and is just trying to get a baseline on his Korean language skills).

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