I just failed my degree

OK. Alright. You failed their little game and you didn't get the piece of paper.

I know it's probably very important to your self-esteem right now, but I was in a similar situation where I passed the test and got the piece of paper by the hair of my chin. Guess what. It didn't make a lick of difference. No one cared about my little degree anyways.

Now I realize you were shooting for something more prestigious but let's take stock. You attended, you worked hard and you missed by the narrowest of margins in what sounds like the most ludicrous form of academic hell.

Why the fuck can't they let you take the last course? Nevermind. The same reason you failed over 1.4 points. Fuck those guys.

I'm not saying you should fake a degree or lie to your employers, but if they taught you anything at that shit-hole, you should be able to talk your way through an interview at a job that requires that type of knowledge.

So ask yourself, are you really stuck or are you stuck in your own head?

You have the knowledge. Does the piece of paper matter as much as you think?

Is that the only barrier to employment?

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