Just failed my first ever medical school exam...feel pretty ashamed and sad

UK student here and M3 is basically our USMLE - it determines where we end up for PGY1. I was an excellent student or still am. I pre studied for M3, studied the most I ever have in my life, I knew 99% of things on rotations was scoring 70-80% on our question banks. I was dumped the day before my exam by my GF of 3 years where we had planned a life together etc and had had a perfect relationship, no arguments etc just fantastic, she had major depression and spontaneously ended it because she thought I deserved better.

So basically I went from top quartile to scoring in the 9th decile, despite doing about ~1500 more hours of study and scoring the highest I ever have on the practice questions, up until that day I thought I was gonna get first in the class.

Sadly for me there is no bouncing back, however I suggest you start studying extremely early on but don't burn out, there's nothing wrong with ~2 hours a day starting as early as possible. If you're struggling with time management just do your study first thing in the morning, I used to wake up at 5.30-6 and would study till I had to leave for placement (which completed my study for the day) leaving me a free day after placement ended and giving me time to look up any interesting management plans or diseases I came across that day.

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