just a fellow driver saying hello.

He’s just letting out a chuckle as he meanders down the interstate. After a long day of slugging goons, venom is tired and hungry. Unfortunately, his luxurious Leesa mattress is miles away, and his affordable, easy to assemble, pre-proportioned Blue Apron dinner kits are safely chilling in the comfort of his refrigerator. Amongst many thoughts that come across his mind on the long ride home, the young symbiotic ponders on the idea of his favorite Minecraft block. “Mhm... yes... Obsidian I would be,” he spoke in a sophisticated English dialect. Continuing down his commute he passed a small, quaint burger joint known as Boardwalk City Burgers. Tiana, who had been conveniently sitting next to him this entire time groaned, “don’t do it, please,” but it was too late. As the fateful joke was uttered from the snarling snout of the beast, the mask over venom’s face started to retract. Instead of black goop that made up the inter web of the suit, dried cum and scraps of torn pocket pussies began to retract into the being. The cloaked creature was none other than Mr. Charlie himself. “Well gollie gee,” he chirped, “wasn’t that a funny joke?” Tiana turned towards him, and in a low, thunderous, male voice, replied, “Why yes.” At that moment, Tiana’s face was pulled off of her head like a scooby doo villian, and none other than Kaya Orsan showed his beloved face. It turned out that Tiana had only been a ruse, and that Kaya had built a full body skin suit of old National Geographic posters that he had painted over. With one swift motion, Kaya rammed a knife next to Charlie’s heart. “The pedophile island was a ruse, for I have decided to infiltrate the very nation that invented the word,” Kaya whispered in a hushed tone. Charlie pulled Kaya in, “One last kiss before the pedos say night night,” Charlie asked, gasping for breath. Kaya obliged, and the rest was history.

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