I just finally realized that the church isn't true...

You have so many wonderful comments here already but I just wanted to throw mine on the pile!

I agree with so many others that have said "Don't make promises just yet." I couldn't agree with this more. I promised I would still go but that has turned out to be excruciating for me. I promised I would stick with instant coffee and not ask him if I could bring home a coffee maker (although I'm taking it back because I've found I don't like non-instant). I figured I would still wear my garments but as soon as I stepped into Vicky's that promise flew out the window. I'm 32 and a mother to young kiddos so I still value keeping my language clean and FHE nights. My Husband is TBM and this was an adjustment for him for the first few weeks and he's watched me adjust. He really just needed to know that I was still the same person. So many others aren't that lucky. Just keep open communication, remind him of how much you love him and how much he means to you. This is a great place to come for support. I'm 1 month out =)

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