Just for once, please tell me.

Thanks. Well, one thing I can tell you is that it's never too late to finish one and release one. You should do something that you love and don't feel ashamed of it. One day, you're going to end up wondering what would have had happened if it did happen.

I am 22 years old. I constantly have a problem where I feel like I have to constantly measure myself to everybody. I continiously compare myself to the others.

Last week I've been mocked by my "supposed" friends for writing one. I felt like I was being laughed at. I am planning on self-publishing it within Amazon Kindle. They ripped at me for doing that and said that this is not a real book because there's no book-deal with a publishing company. Some mockery ensued. I felt like I was slapped across the face the night it had happened.

Today, I feel even worse. I really feel like there's no support coming from anyone. You know these moments when you just sit and wonder why are you doing all of this for...? Like are you doing this for yourself because you love it or to prove everyone wrong?

I don't have any beta readers. I don't have any critique partners. I don't have anyone to support or feel excited for me. And I feel like my excitement for what I am doing is starting to run out as well.

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