Just for once, please tell me.

Thank you! I really needed to hear that. At the times like this sometimes you can’t help but feel alone and try to grasp for any kind of motivation/or reach for a straw of positivity. It is difficult when we live in a such stressful environment where we all have to either “make it or break it” – otherwise the society looks down on us like we’re a bunch of nothings.

I really want for my book to be sold at the Barnes and Noble one day :) I am thinking about self-publishing it. Most likely with Amazon Kindle. I am writing my novel in English, which is my second language. Had to turn to the English because my country doesn’t really support writer’s community and publishing companies steal money away from them, not paying them for the longest times. I definitely will get an editor the moment I am finished with it to help me with.

A few hours have passed by since I wrote it and I admittedly feel better. I even tried to tell myself that it is important that I know I tried my best. I worked hard and I know I loved it what I am doing. Doing the things you’re passionate about in the life is the most important.

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