I just found this awesome new local foodie blog!

First of all, by assuming the worst.

I'm not quite sure why you think I'm assuming. I did some research and found evidence supporting my initial reaction.

Secondly, by being skeptical of the truth despite being told by multiple sources.

Why would I trust a stranger on the Internet?

Third, by being unable to see past the cynical impulse and simply enjoy the post for what it was: a very nice blog with good pictures and positive information.

You're confusing me being skeptical of your motivations for disliking the blog. That's not the case. I even said "it is a good blog" in another post. I'm able to see it for what it is.

Fourth, by doing a weird amount of personal investigation about a topic that is entirely inane.

How is it weird? You had a spammy feeling post, and I have information available that can tell me if I'm being paranoid or if my feelings are justified. I'd say it would be weird if I didn't look into it. It took me all of about 2 or 3 minutes to confirm. You and I have spent more time conversing than I did with my "weird amount of personal investigation." Personally, I'd prefer to knowingly flag a post as spam rather than assume the worst and report every thread that has a spammy feel regardless of whether or not it's legitimate.

Reversing things, I think it's weird that you'd expect me to take the word of a stranger on the internet, especially when my own research contradicts it. It's not being skeptical; it's common sense. I suppose there's a chance that there's another person named Matt Drake in Rochester who's also friends with the blog author, but the last person I'd trust to tell me that is you.

Of course it's no big deal regardless of whether or not it's true, but I find these to be some interesting coincidences.

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