I just Found this Sub Yesterday. Today a 9/10 approached ME on Tinder and SHE Wants to Meet :-)

Great that things have fallen in your lap. But if you want to keep it there, take a breather. Those first couple of moments you connect with someone can def be a game changer, but you gotta stop yourself from wholeheartedly throwing yourself at them. Unless they're into that. Some girls want a guy to be their whole world so that they don't have to do anything, and they'll be pampered while only having to give you pussy once in awhile. Some guys are cool with that. What stage of life are you in, are you tying to make changes and better yourself, or are you happy with where you are currently? Would being in a relationship make your life better, or just add another element to juggle? I dont know, but its just something to consider.

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