Just a friendly reminder that this series existed and is still actual

Using jargon and coming up with new terms for things to make communication quicker is absolutely fine, that's how language evolves. "Point" meaning a capturable objective is a great example. It's a quick and concise term for what can be a fairly nebulous game mechanic.

Unfortunately, that's not what this is. What this is is guys who think that constantly talking like an air traffic control officer makes them sound "awesome". They aren't saying the "waypoint is actual" for clarity or ease of communication...they are saying it because they heard it somewhere and think it sounds cool. And even that would be OK if they understood what it actually meant, but they don't...and that's what makes them sound like twats.

You are delusional if you think the term came from anything other than BSG. Firstly, when did anyone ever say "yes that's the actual waypoint". It didn't evolve from something else, people just started saying it because they heard it somewhere else. Secondly, that grammar and that definition of the word "actual" is not taught in any English class anywhere. There are only two places you'll ever see a sentence end with the word actual one is from a German with a less than perfect grasp of English, the other is in naval radio procedure and in that context it absolutely does not mean "current".

Parroting things you've heard on TV because you think it makes you sound badass does the exact opposite, it makes you sound like a 10 year old playing soldiers in a playground. Or worse, one of those moronic people (you know the kind who usually work in sales) who use corporate jargon they don't understand to try and appear more intelligent than they actually are.

Call me a grammar Nazi if you want, just so long as you know that every time you use actual when you mean up-to-date the rest of the world rolls their eyes behind your back.

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