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We've been planning such that I'm surprised we don't have Martial Law nationwide right now.

They’ll announce it Friday and it will go into effect Monday. They’ll give everyone 48 hours to get home. [Posted 1 month ago]

This virus wont stop spreading. In a couple of years each country will have between 1 and 10% of their population death, depending on age and healthcare. That accounts at least for 30millions deaths worldwide.

Millions are going to die for sure--that's not even debatable at this point.

Gonna need a lot of grave diggers... it's looking to be a growth industry...

it would be nice if we were like Asia and just did what we were told.

I would say that 200,000 is unrealistic. The US would have more death even with all the medical equipment and much higher as the equipment runs out.

if you tell the public that 2-3-10 million people are gonna die, that you would literally be lighting aerosolized gasoline on fire.

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