It's just so fucked up.

bro I'm 16 (very very very great and important grade 10) and at this point, the less I talk, the happier I am, I keep telling all my family members about what all is fucked up in this country and why it needs to be changed, they say I'm too young and don't know the "real world", I talked to them about this shit ass education system and they look at me like I said I want to stab all cows and eat them alive or something.
My parents just want to reject everything I say in every fucking way, the only people I can talk to this shit are my friends. Literally every "Adult" says "This is a problem everyone faces, its not just you, we cannot do anything about it" and I'm there pissed, not even wanting to talk to them anymore thinking "if that's a problem everyone faces, why in this fucking world isn't it being fixed?"
I tell my family that if I've an opportunity, I'd like to study abroad, and they say "its the same everywhere", they just don't understand that I'm just giving my opinion.
My parents are pretty chill and cool but they just don't give a shit about my opinion and think its useless so I just straight up stopped talking about things that make me happy and I just think of a way to solve the problem.
You seems like someone I relate to a lot btw.

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