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Hmm well there are really any number of reasons. First and foremost, I think Donald Trump is a smart person. The person who the media perpetuates as a moronic blathering idiot isn't how he is, it's just all a publicity stunt so he can control the news cycle and the story. He's a master of marketing, he's probably one of the best marketers to ever walk this earth. He is a very calculated individual and he projects strength when he is in an environment like a debate.

Secondly, despite what you think about DT one thing for sure is that when he does something he surrounds himself with the best people for the project as he will do with America. He is a close personal friend of Carl Icahn. Who if you aren't familiar with him, is a billionaire and master of all things economic. He was one of the only people to predict the 08 Market crash when every one of his friends and peers told him he was a moron for thinking a crash would come. DT wants him heavily involved in our trade deals and economy.

Third, look at his family. His family loves DT more than most kids love their parents. It's exceedingly rare to have kids that don't get in loads of trouble let alone when such kids are the heirs of billionaires. But his kids all seem incredibly nice and like good kids. I use the old adage, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" on that one.

Next appealing thing to me is his healthcare plan and his tax plan. I really like what he wants to do with health care and taxes. I world in the finance world in estate tax so he could effectively put me out of a job. That's how much I believe in this guy.

Probably the next factor is there is absolutely no bones about it, DT loves America. He loves this country and what we stand for, I think as president he would protect our freedoms. I want a president that puts our country first and frankly I don't see any other choices doing it as well as he does.

I love that he's politically incorrect. I think people are really sick of being censored and walking on egg shells so he's the obvious choice there.

I could go on forever with reasons but probably the best reason I can give to vote for him is that, if you are fed up with establishment politics, if you want the status quo to be rocked and you want real change in America, he is the guy to do it. A vote for him is a vote against the establishment. We need a person who will fight tooth and nail and if you have seen the sheer magnitude of attacks thrown his way in the last month and how he has fended it off, I think he can deal with anything.

These are just a few reasons like I said. I'm obviously a supporter of his but i'm not trying to convince anyone either way. The thing I value most in life is critical though and forming your own opinion. So hopefully I helped. I you have any other questions don't be a stranger.

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