I was just given the best compliment I’ve gotten in a long time. What’s your best recent compliment?

Compliment: "I don't know what your career goals are, but I think you would be a great Head of School." - my boss, the Head of School.

Context: I used to be an Assistant Principal in a PK-8 public school with 1000 students and 100 staff members. I was sick of being treated like shit as a public school educator and wanted the opportunity to make more money. After much deliberation, I decided to bet on myself by taking a $50k pay cut to pivot into elite independent schools. I'm teaching middle school math at an independent school that costs $50k per year for students. The median salary for a public school Principal in my city is $160k while median salary for a Head of School is $700k. If I can reach my career goal, then it will pay off in a very, very big way. It felt good for my boss to see my skills and potential.

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