Just got banned from /r/ukpolitics

I'm not a white supremacist.

For a second I thought you we're just spouting a leftist talking point (the test is racist right?). I just briefly skimmed through your past posts because at initial glance I was confused. You're pushing Mogg and quoting Pratchett. I think we would probably get on.

So let me type a proper response.

Our = everyone who pays tax (foreign aid) or donated to various charitable endeavours. People not in Africa. Poor phrasing. Still I didn't even post that before I got banned (as I was typing). I've deleted it from this post because it's not relevant and not what got me banned (though I would argue it's more accurate than you seem to think).

In context the original post with the graph (my bad, should have included thread link) made sense.

Someone was talking about population replacement. I follow that with a link to the UN Replacement Migration page. I then include a graph showing population change predictions by ethnicity for the UK.

They said are we just going to vanish? or something equally flippant. I said it's not going to happen overnight. It would be like China and Tibet http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Beijing-sends-a-new-flood-of-Han-migrants-to-Lhasa:-Tibetans-risk-disappearing-33294.html

I then included population number changes on white Brits in London. I don't see any casual racial profiling in the post that got me banned.

Other than saying genocide and the last phrase. 'Diversity is just a codeword for anti-white'. That's a pretty triggering phrase in the context of the previously mentioned links/points?

Sorry I live as a (white British) minority across the road from a mosque. Race and diversity are on my mind. I don't think my post was that out of line, I think I've posted much worse in that sub on the subject of Islam for example.

I dunno. I don't think the post deserved to be banned.

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