Just got my leylines but I was told I couldn't move out of it and to use it on cooldown. This makes the MSQ take a lot longer because I can only move to continue quests when it's not up. Is this the Black Mage struggle?

Long time Black Mage player here. Transpose is the early way to just keep your Astral/Umbral up all the time. As you get away from ARR levels they start building around Enochian and how to keep it up. There’s literally a spell that just procs stacks of umbral and you can use it while you run around. Only time I use ley lines is if I’m going to be standing still, and unless you have a good tank/healer combo it’s sometimes hard to be sure of that. Just keep your fire/thunder quick casts going as much as you can. Enochian gives bonus damage so it’s always gotta stay up. I think the role gets much easier late game, but I’ve been doing it a long time.

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