I just got my third Pfizer dose. Feel free to ask any questions

True, honesty usually is the best policy.

Consider the fact that people are immune compromised for at least some period of time before receiving an official diagnosis of “immunocomprimised.”

Consider there are people who do not seek medical care for a myriad of reasons, whom also do not have an official diagnosis that puts them in the “underlying health condition” category.

Some people feel at increased risk for Covid and wish to boost their immune response. Based upon the above, who are we to judge another person’s assessment of their risk? The booster shots are identical to the first two shots, and those are safe. The reason to hold back on boosters for the general population, IMO, has more to do with optics and attempts to still target the unvaccinated population for their first dose.

So, for me, if you honestly think you’re going to be better off getting a booster, do what you gotta do to get it. The fact they’re not making it difficult at all for people to do that is also telling.

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