i just got a new pc and got the chance to play destiny 2 on it after years of playing console destiny and i feel like ive been living a lie this whole time

Ignorance is bliss. I wish I never ever got back into PC gaming. I thought my video game life was complciated when I decided to play BOTH an Xbox and Playstation.

I fucking HATE PC gaming. Pursuit of the best gaming chair. Must have the most insainly expesnive up to date parts to push this 4k gaming just a little more. 70c max temps?! Not good enough, 1000$ custom water loop. Why spend all that money if you can't see all that awesome gear. 200$ more dollars on lighting strips, fans and control hardware.

I can never just go back to console gaming. PC gaming has ruined it for me. 4k60fps, raytracing, mods and texture packs. Mouse and keyboard. emulators. Its a pandora's box I wish I never opened.

As we speak I am already mapping out and planning my next rig when Intel Gen 10 or Ryzen 4 hits.... in 5-8 more months.

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