I just got a new safe. Should I leave clues to the combo in journals strewn about the house?

Okay I got you fam... here is what you do..

However many digits it is.. Put 1 of each digit and direction (5 left -- 15 Right...) into a different journal and leave them about like you said.. But you gotta make sure they are easy enough to find. So THEEEEEEEN what you do is you take the last digit.. That's the important one see. You gotta take that to a bank and put it in a safetyposit box.. THEEEEEN you take the key for that box and you put in Frog Island (You know that little park down by the local library that has a pond outside with an island that is full of frogs in the summer time...) Yeah, so you put the key in a small chest and put it on frog Island right in the center, behind that group of trees that we planted back in 3rd grade (Yeah, it's still there cuz!!) THEEEEN you drive picking random places to leave clues as to the location of the key... Do this until you back track all the way to your house. Then, right on the bathroom mirror (Not the upstairs one, nobody uses that one cause it smells like mildew and splashes water on your butt whenever somebody turns on the kitchen sink, this is the downstairs one off the kitchen).

Theeeeeeeen..... you wait... Oh I forgot the first part. Before you do any of that, measure the inside the safe.. Then go find or have custom made a tear-away tupperware container just slightly larger than the size of the safe. Now, you want to make Jello (enough to fill the tupperwares). Right before the jello fully sets, put all your belongings in there. THEEEEEeeen you want to put the jello brick with all your valuables inside, inside the safe. Then you wait.. you wait for somebody to take the bait and find all the clues and the code and open the safe full of Jellow (And all your stuff of course). OMG that is so hilarious when this trick is pulled off right. But you'll probably fuck it up so maybe just nahhh.... or yeah??

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