I just got rejected

i did the same thing a few months ago. i really liked this chick but she had a boyfriend. At my age though, relationships are typically come and go, and i know they dont last forever, so boyfriends never really deter me because i just want to meet the chick as a person, not to mention i can be arrogant as fuck. I swore though on everything I knew that this chick liked me as well. I had my various clues and hints that I had been picking up and just like another poster her, I like to be certain a chick likes me before I make my move. eventually though i just had to tell her how i felt before i knew id probably never see her again and needed to confirm my thoughts on whether there was anything there.

She let me down very nicely because she had a boyfriend and i expected that to happen because any girl worth dating, wouldnt accept an offer from someone when they have a boyfriend. normally this sounds good, but to me that just made me want to try harder. my arrogance gets the better of me sometimes and it made me think she was just playing games and it really felt like it too because i was sure she liked me, after all my last 2 serious relationships basically started out that way.

long story short, few more attempts over the following months to salvage the talking grounds i DID have with her ended very poorly, chick probably wont talk to me ever again. In some ways im glad. I know for certain that wont ever be a possibility and that absoluteness is a lot more comfortable than being let down easy. I like to think, im no boy and its gunna have to really sting to stop my pursuit, nothing good is going to be easy. On the other hand I cant help but feel pretty misunderstood. I feel like everything from my intentions to how i felt were just brushed aside like they were a joke or werent serious, and thats what hurts. I also really cant get over the fact of how wrong I was, that will always perplex me. Im not one to deny reality or lie to myself, if i see or feel something its normally there and out of everyone ive encountered in life i seem to be the best/most aware of whats going on. regardless of this though, being told i was wrong just didnt seem true and still feels surreal.

In the end, im so glad i approached her. She was easily the most beautiful chick ive ever met. It took me so long to do it, i rehearsed so many ways it couldve happened and not 1 scenario matched it. it was a good life lesson in that aspect, that you just gotta do what youre thinking about in the split second you think it, and not second guess things. literally all it took was "hey" and a great conversation was had. it sucks i shitted all that up but id rather not be just friends with a chick I have feelings for, i find life to be simpler that way.

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