Just got suspended from r/newjersey

Hey dumbass, what are the chances of you dying at your job? (pushing the carts back to their pen at the food store) Because construction is dangerous. Particularly Electricians, the first trade you chose to bitch about. Without a high wage, who would go to work a job where you risk death, injury, or burns for anything less than that? Do you know how much training and safety education the average electrician goes through? Did you know the union electricians you are referring to are college educated? Do you know how many electricians are injured or killed on the job every year? Who are you to throw it out there like they are overpaid? Even the guy holding a shovel in the road, is risking life and limb everyday. Should be ashamed of these comments. And without charging stations how are we ever going to get off of the middle easts' dick? Through exploration? What a fucking dinosaur. It was cold in Jersey today...means no global warming right? There will never be a market if charging is scarce, and we will never take steps to rectify planet if we dont move to renewables to some degree. I never respond to these, but yours particularly pissed me off. You look at Bergen County's budget, and this is your problem? Agreed, taxes are too damn high. And now we lose tax credit, due to the guy I'd bet you voted for president, but we cant shutdown progress. We got to keep moving forward, and hope that old way of thinking would just die off already. Check the budget. Plenty of other waste that your time would be better spent bitching about.

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