"I just want grandchildren."

If ypu think those aren't current issues, then you are seriously fooling yourself.

Still haven't provided a source.

And there is never only one factor for anything in life but overpopulation is definitely at the root of all of those issues.

Still haven't provided a source.

To suggest otherwise is just ignorant.

Actually it would be ignorant to assume you are correct without a source. Nice try though.

We would have the resources to feed everyone if we weren't so preoccupied feeding livestock.


Sure some areas have more of some foods that other areas need and there are trade issues, but that's not the whole problem.

Correct, so clearly there are other ways technology could help us that don't involve solving overpopulation. You are too close-minded to consider that.

How can you say global climate change isn't something that is affecting us right now? How can you tell people who have their homes ravaged by super storms that climate change is something that isn't happening?

How can you say with conclusive evidence that those issues are SPECIFICALLY caused by global warning. Oh right, you can't.

but just because you aren't seeing direct effects of climate change right now doesn't mean it's not something current.

Doesn't mean it is either, especially without a source.

You're an imbecile if you don't understand what climate change is and how it is affecting everything and everyone right now.

No, actually I am being very reasonable and taking what some idiot says over the internet with a grain of salt.

So where are your sources? Are you done having me make a fool of you yet?

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