just had my first negligent discharge and thankful no one got hurt

I see your point, but it doesnt matter if there are 100 guns on 100 people or 2000 guns on 5'000'000 people, that just doesnt matter.

What matters is how many accidents happen per 100 gun-owners instead. If you take 100 american gun-owners and 100 belgian gun-owners and next you see (just pulling numbers out of my *ss now) the americans have 25 accidents on 100 owners and belgians have 2 accidents per 100 owners, in my opinion it is safe to say american gun-owners are less responisble over belgian ones.

And maybe it is not the fault of the american gun owners, that can perfectly be right. Maybe it's the fault of the american government by not enforcing better training, enforcing better regulation, better courses,...

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