We just had our first real disagreement and I'm having issues getting over it

Some things can be joked about with some people, other jokes hit deeper about certain subjects. I believe that you can and will get over it eventually, however, with this realization comes a bigger problem, your man will probably feel that he has to watch what he says around you, which in the beginning, won't be so bad, however over time...it might build resentment, which could lead to a host of other problems!

On the other hand, I could be completely wrong, because usually the more time people spend together, they get to know each other better and can automatically understand what the other person is trying to articulate, and even get to the point where they know what the other person is thinking by simply observing their body language and facial expression.

These types of things can go either way!

Now that you made it this far.... I bet you aren't even thinking about getting over what he said, and your mind is on the problem I was talking about!

In other words.... don't sweat the small shit..... worry about the bigger picture!!!

Best of luck

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