I just had surgery, Im scared of another DVT.

Ibuprofen does not help much with venous clots. Neither does aspirin.

I would not advise self medicating with warfarin. I would talk to the doc when you see him about your concerns. He might suggest a d-dimer or even an ultrasound. It takes at about 6 days for warfarin to reach a therapeutic level in your blood. Since your appt is in 2 days it wouldn't be helping much if at all by the time you see your doc. Your doc might opt to put you on something like Xarelto or Eliquis which starts working within hours. Even if he decided to put you back on warfarin your would need to be bridged with Lovenox or similar.

You probably have post thrombotic syndrome which means you can have pain and swelling even tho there is no clot. It sucks but it happens. You can wear compression stockings for that. We have an article on them in our wiki.

Compression stockings are NOT indicated for the prevention of DVT anymore. Your doc is operating on old information. Warfarin or lovenox would have been a better choice for you. https://www.mdedge.com/obgyn/article/65024/obstetrics/stop-using-antiembolism-stockings-prevent-dvt

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