Just had a user cancel because they switch to a "better" VPN - Tuxeler. I guess they didn't read their privacy policy which states that Tuxeler logs all your browsing activity and sell it to advertisers: https://t.co/lkkiwRoHOw At least they are honest....

Ambiguity? You cannot tell me that -Source IP, record of sessions, and sites- sums up the whole jumbo. Im not saying turn the Privacy Policy into a full blown legal deposition. Im just saying that ^^, compared to others' leaves a lot of room to assumption and accusation. (As you can see) And I never accused them of logging downloads wtf.

AS AN EXAMPLE, Windscribe recently threw shade at the company surfsharkconnect on twitter, reddit, etc...

Im not defending them in anyway, they put their list (of what they wanted to list) in their FAQ. Which says more along the lines of what a P.P. should say.

  • Incoming and outgoing IP addresses;
  • Browsing, downloading or purchasing history;
  • VPN servers you use;
  • Used bandwidth (Windscribe logs this; which is completely true and transparent of them +)
  • Session information;
  • Connection timestamps;
  • Network traffic;

But You just made my point in my opinion. The privacy policy shouldnt need to be explained (on reddit, or in blogposts) for it to make its point. Instead, there kinda needs to be a balance between listing 17,329 things and simply saying "Anything that is not mentioned above is not stored". Because then we're putting all of our faith in one basket on the ONE simple sentence. That they do not log whatever it may be.

-Just saying source ip doesnt negate anything you just said yourself. It doesnt clear the field for the other connections involved. Server IPs (used) , server locations (used) when etc IT ONLY CLEARS THE SOURCE

- And assuming everyone is using OpenVPN isnt true to what a VPN is supposed to be. There will always be options. IKev2 is the current method used for iOS as of right now I believe.

-As far as the sites argument, visiting a site is different from downloading from a site. As arrogant as it makes me sound, Im just going by what the policy says itself.

And as the intro says, "Not to throw shade". I actually appreciate that youre defensive over the subject, who wouldnt want a loyal backing? I have a lifetime account AND a regular paid premium just for the kicks of throwing them $9 each month to support.

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