Just a heads up to anyone in the market for A new Honda. Honda Motor Company has closed their North American factories. This will cause a decrease of approx 40,000 less Honda’s coming to stores this year. If you like it. Buy it.

Using eco mode on the highway on road trips I have had multiple full tanks I calculated at 38-40mpg.

The Honda dealer few weeks back when I had my oil change ($36 with coupon includes rotation and their multi-point check) just recited Honda's line to wait for the service minded on the CVT and that they don't have a mileage schedule. If your Honda dealer is saying there is a specific mileage I wish corporate would get everyone on the same page. The mechanic did come and say the fluid looked and smelled clean when they checked the level but it won't take them much longer to do it if I want the next time I'm in since I asked. It'll be only the second time I've paid someone to do a tranny for me. But not the first time I've paid to do a tranny... I mean. Fuck it.

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