Just a heads up: CDPR is registered at 2018 E3

You know, the thread is already a couple hours old but i had just thought of a cool trailer for it.

What if, at the beginning, Ciri appears. We're back into the Witcher 3 storyline where Ciri has to escape from the Wild Hunt. As she told Geralt when he finally found her at the island, she even once escaped to a world where everyone had metal in their heads, would shoot projectiles and there were flying cars (which was the Cyberpunk reference). I believe she met Avallac'h there too.

So we actually see her teleport into Cyberpunk and then maybe back to somewhere else but we stay in the night city and maybe see the new protagonist or characters.

Just a few thought because i am hyped as never, would be cool to hear some responses :D

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