I Just Hit $3500 A Month 1 Week After Quitting My Job!

I know people that went to college and people that didn't. The majority that went to college for good jobs and good careers. The majority that didn't go to college have low-paying jobs.

Whether it works on not depends on lots of things, like what degree you did, where you did it, etc. If you do a wishy washy degree at a bad college, then I doubt it will help as much.

It is a fact that college educated people earn more.

Maybe you can explain why you think it didn't work for you? What degree did you do, and what job did you get afterwards? Did you move to another city? Most that I know moved to where the jobs were. If you live in a small town, there may be less opportunities and you may need to move to find them.

As for me, my early life was a disaster. I had low paying jobs until I was 28. And I mean really low paying. I went to university between ages 25 and 28. That transformed my life, as it opened up huge job opportunities. Jobs that were only available to graduates.

I have two friends that are doctors. What do you think they'd be doing now without those degrees?

I'm not saying that everyone should get a degree and that it works out for every single person. But getting a degree is obviously not BS.

Not getting a degree doesn't work out well for most people either.

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