Just imagine knowing this guy you always thought was pretty hot and from what you could gather was quite smart as well. You get to know him better and hit it off immediatly. You go out with him and have a great time. He takes you to his place and you are so damn ready for him to fuck you and BOOM!

Of course, there are many other things that are important besides the size of a man's penis, but having a really small one goes completely against what women are programmed to prefer by nature. This of course is just my opinion, but it makes sense when thinking about women looking for a mate that will secure the survival of her offspring. That's where height comes into play, the same with dick size and financial security a man can provide. It's not that these qualities are the only ones or even the most important ones. It's more about having a desire and preference before even thinking about it.

It's particularly rough for a 2 incher like myself. What woman, if asked without context would prefer a skinny 2 incher like mine, when there's 6 inch+ ones out there. Of course she could still choose me, because of many other factors, but I'll never be what she most likely actually prefers and therefor never fullfil what's deeply hardwired into her and while I can make up for it, I still have to live with the fact that she more or less had to adjust for something, I'll never be able to give her, and had to think about, how to please her otherwise.

I feel a bit loopy, so hopefully that wasn't to confusing

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