Just Javascript things

It's not opposing to recognize the differences between any 2 languages, as long as you are able to make the best use of them depending on what you're developing. I think to say any language is "the best" overall is a dense, absent-minded assertion to make.

Python is better at:

  • Distinguishing immutable and mutable types
  • Accurate numeric representation (JS understands all numbers as floating-point values)
  • Nested / hashed dictionaries
  • Natural class-based inheritance - closer to OOP programming
  • Exceptions of all types (JS simply won't throw a broad scope and can "silently error")
  • Quick task development
  • .. others

Javascript wins at:

  • Front-end development (arguably / closely tied with Python at back-end development)
  • More device compatibility / versatility - can run from nearly any browser
  • Not interpreted or compiled, which gives situational speed advantages
  • Runs on both browsers and servers
  • Syntax (this is my opinion as I started with C/++)
  • Updates + increasing popularity / diversity of frameworks

You don't have to pick one or the other. Pick what suits your current project / task the best instead of hanging on the fence shouting about one being the "best."

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