Just left a cowboy bar in houston, it was filled with maga chuds whispering about how dan crenshaw uses his eye hole to store ketchup and other condiments (so he has easy access to them). Texas is PROUD

Houston has a strong Antifa movement. And UT Austin is based af; Texas will be lit once the fall semester starts.

I'm a Sahm and bought a red bandana and spray paint today to tag a pro-life billboard that's popped up in my town. Y'all may think Texas is a lost cause, but Google some Austin Antifa videos. Look up UT's "ungovernable" student org Autonomous Student Network. They're also partnered with a native tribe at the southern border that runs mobile sanitation centers for migrants. They also run a doxx list of fascists at the school and in Austin.

If you don't like chuds, call them out. Flypost the place. Tag your town. The more we speak out the more they shut up.

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