Is it just me or are the police in Des Moines not...great

I worked in a resale store a few years back.. One day we get a call from the police to be on the lookout for some certain items, as they've been reported stolen. Guy comes in to sell some things, they match the description of stolen items, I call the police. Police say, not our jurisdiction, call this other department. I think it's weird, cause this is the number I was told to call, but whatever, I call the other department. They show up a bit later, officer is irritated because I don't have the guy waiting for him, even though he's just down the aisle hanging in the store. Officer asks where the stolen stuff is, I explain I don't know if it's stolen, was just told to call if something matching this description comes in. Officer says, "Thanks alot for wasting our time," and storms out, and that's the last we heard of it. Truly bizzare.

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