Is it just me or does it seem that the Pro-Vax people who yelled for months that the vaccine would prevent transmission.. suddenly don't care that they were lied to about it preventing transmission?

I see a lot of people in here regretting doing it and being combative about someone challenging it. My sister in law said to my Mom about me “ I can’t believe he won’t get the vaccine even after watching his pawpaw die from this”. My grandpa 90 years old took his death like a man and refused to be on a vent and asked his oxygen to be removed and I asked if he could get some morphine and go peacefully. Not once did it cross my mind hmmm should I go get a vaccine that was rolled out in 11 months that received no trials etc etc. Went to Hawaii in March almost didn’t get let in bc I was unvaccinated, would have went straight back home before and lost the 5k before I let them put that in me. Partly a rebellious spirit and mostly I’ve never trusted anything the United States Government has told me. I was stupid enough to swear an oath to this shit hole more than once.

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