just me ranting about the show n other stuff

Uh... I don't get what you're trying to say? yes i finished the season? i didn't talk about it because idk honestly i didn't feel like it, but anyways:

i feel like Luz, Eda and King's relationship as a group wasn't developed enough, amity is cool, willow is cool, gus is cool, they all would make better protagonists than luz, specially Gus and Willow, hooty is underrated and underused, lilith is not cool, talking about lilith i hate how the show pushed a "You shall forgive her for she's your sister!", i always hate those messages, i don't like how they handled the curse plot, like how does eda have dreams of lilith cursing her when she was sleeping??, i feel like they stretched the "emperor plot" too much, and i believe in the theory that Emira is an ellusion and will turn out to be an spy.

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