Just moved here from Alaska

That’s Dallas. It’s extremely wealthy, the rich people in suburbs, and the “30 thousand millionaires”.

Honestly I’ve been drinking and I apologize for coming off like a douche and you’ll definitely find genuine and awesome people in this city, but I’ve been a member of this subreddit since I’ve joined reddit and it’s constantly “hah drivers suck” “here’s pictures of downtown” “oh weathers bad everyone wrecking their cars!” which is frustrating. So again, I apologize for taking it out on you, but you’ll find great things in this city that you won’t find anywhere else which is why when people come here for work they stay for the rest of their life. Once you figure out how the highways work you’ll think the same way I do! Sorry again, if somehow we ever meet at a bar, I’ll owe you a drink or two!

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