That is a very heartwarming story, I'm sorry for your loss. The vtuber explosion has been a tiny light in a dark time for me as well.

I'm going to piggy-back off your kind words, however, because there's been a trend of people with this mindset that only they can protect their "idols" from all the assholes of the internet. Universally, I'm sure everyone here all agrees that the idol culture of Japan is, in a single word, disgusting. We've seen it with Towa, with Mel, with Aloe, the real gross side of people it can bring out.

However this mindset of the "idol" being your sworn duty to protect (because who else but you will protect the princess?), is the other side of the same toxic coin. Give support to the streamers you choose to, via superchat or kind words or whatever, but please please please treat them like the grown adult human beings they are, not some object of worship that you must protect. Think about your words, what might mean more to them. RUSHIA RUSHIA I LOVE YOU I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU, versus hey Rushia, I really enjoyed the stream today, looking forward to the next one!

Even if your intentions are good, you are only perpetuating the disgusting idol culture that plagues Japan. Think of all the stalking incidents where the stalker had the same mindset, only I can protect my queen.

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