I just need to rant.

My brother doesn't sleep in our room. Which is great because i hate him. He sleeps downstairs. Why? Because i asked him to not turn the lights on when i sleep and he lost his mind.

So my brother would do this from when i was 15 to two years ago i believe. He would walk in. Turn on a light, get whatever and walk out without turning off the light. Whatever thats minor.

Did find it annoying that he wouldn't turn it off even when i asked. Once asked him to only for him to respond "when im done with it." He went downstairs and i had to get up and turn it off myself. I woke up two hours later when he did it again.

Just to claify when i have to get something i tip toe in and use my cell light.

The worst was when he would turn on the light. Lay in his bed and read the book outloud and laugh to it. "Please turn off the light"

Anon: im using it.

Told my sister that i thought of hiding the lightbulb. So later that week. He laying in his bed having a blast while I'm trying to fall asleep desperate it.

My sister tells him to turn off the light and read somewhere else. He told her shut up and not to tell him what to do. I get mad. Gave him the bird and walked downstairs to cool off. Watch tele with the old man. My brother walks downstairs to my dad "tell <sister> to stop messing with me."

Anon: she was yelling at me and i didnt want to have a argument because <me> was sleeping.

He faked being a good person.

Me: that is not what happened

Anon: shut up <me>. I didnt say i was talking to you.

Nigga you included my name in your case. I'm not letting that slide.

Me: anon keeps leaving the lights on when i sleep and i think thats inconsiderate.

Anon: shut up. I'm going to beat you.

Me: i really don't feel comfortable right now.

I didn't and i would the next year call the cops on him only for everyone to act really surprised when i did for some reason. I literally told everyone this every argument i had with him.

Anon: shut up. Youre a pussy and talk like Mike Tyson

Um thank you. That didnt add anything to your case.

So my dad tells me he'll talk to anon about threatening me. This doesnt last, see above statement.

Anyway he now sleeps downstairs even when its really inconvient for everyone like when we have guest.

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