I just need to vent

I am always very sympathetic towards women who have fertility issues or loss. It's a very sad situation.

However, I also find it very unfair that people who are pregnant and excited feel they can't talk about their new addition without feeling guilty.

I see it a lot over at /r/tryingforababy. While that subreddit is a great support group I get frustrated when I see posts like "Wow. My sister in law shared she was pregnant on Facebook. I'm so hurt"


I get not wanting to have one on one conversations about another person's pregnancy. But it's absolutely an impossible request to not want it around you at all if you expect other people to accommodate for you. (If a woman wants to block posts about someone eles' pregnancy, more power to her though)

So I would continue being sensitive and not talking about it with the manager, but you should be able to celebrate with friends and clients at work.

Also: will you have to talk to your manager about maternity leave? How is she going to handle that?

Side end rant:

I know I shouldn't talk all big and mighty since I am very pregnant and it only took a few months of trying, but, I have really irregular periods, and I knew tracking/temping/etc weren't going to work for me. I went 4 months with no period, but no positive pregnancy test. I had reason to believe it would be hard for me to conceive. During that time, it seemed like every other woman I knew was getting pregnant and would constantly post about it on social media. Was I upset by it? No!!

I'm sorry if my post came off as crass, rude, or mean. Let me know if my pregnancy rant took me off the rails.

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