Just nu: Sverige sticker ut – enda landet där dödsskjutningarna ökat

I think it is also highly dependent on how the parents brought up their kids. My family in Sweden who are of Persian ancestry never had any issues with kids ending up in gangs, but that is also because they grew up in a secular household that consistently pushed the importance of education. So their kids grew up to get a good university education in Sweden and are now higher-income tax-payers in Swedish society who speak Swedish as their native language.

I think a big part of the issue is families who are highly religious and who's religions conflict with Swedish customs and ideals. Like it or not, Sweden is a secular country, so kids who grow up in a highly religious household may find themselves with a bit of an identity crisis going into young adulthood.

Full disclosure, I was born in Sweden but raised in the US to parents of Persian ancestry, so forgive me for typing in English.

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