I just randomly got a new UI for my Google Gboard

I have this big list in keep for some changes I wish for.

I guess one is now off the list.

Overall: - landscape ambient display - move brightness-slider to the bottom of the notification/quicksettings panel - additional LG-like "knock code" for unlocking - systemwide product sans font (pixel devices) - swipe to dismiss on Google-Discover page - show/copy Wi-Fi password after additional security unlock (fingerprint, code, face unlock) - NFC enabled Wi-Fi direct connection for filetransfer - tapping the settings gear in Volume control opens a pop-up not a whole window - black boot-up screen - option for rounded corners on widgets

Maps: - set different times for regular routes (i.e. weekly changing work shift's) - downloadable public transport plans - show optional restaurant menu button → option to call from this screen

Calendar: - set weeks background color (i.e. weekly changing work shift's) - bring back "leave by.."-notifications for appointments - pre-download routes to appointments - set notification at "day before at [Time] x:xx"

Pay: - monthly/weekly summary of payments

GBoard: - ~revamped emoji-picker UI (i.e. vertical scrolling)~ - updated and improved gesture controls - product sans font - show copied text in suggestion bar / tap to paste - swiping up after highlighting text with backspace opens up select/copy/paste option for highlighted portion - holding, for example shift key, inerts copied text

Gmail: - mark as read in notifications - manage labels (especially delete)

Camera: - manual/auto-switch for 60fps video - manual mode - circular guidelines for foodists

Clock: - sunrise alarm w/o pixel stand - weekly changing alarms (i.e. week 1: a, b, c // week 2: d, e, f)

Screenshots: - scroll screenshots - OCR for highlighting text

Photos: - option to edit in the saved location to a photo - number of total photos - screenshot stitching function - auto turn off comfort mode in gallery (nightlight)

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