I just realized that when my parents die I'll finally be able to kill myself without worrying about how it will affect others.

Okay, i'm not trying to be mean or argue. I'm just trying to talk. I had a thing to say. That's all.

It does not. It avoids it. It does not solve it.

Well, it does avoid the pain. You're right. But please, try to understand. When you think, "I have a problem. The problem I have is that I do not want to exist," there are several ways to solve that problem. The first is to begin wanting to exist. And many people end up doing that.

But if you think to yourself, "I do not want to want to exist, and I do not want to live or get better, I just want to cease to exist, and existing is a problem because I do not want it", then suicide both avoids the pain and solves the problem of you existing.

Now, someone else might not agree with that....you don't, and I'm fine with that. But I am trying to offer the perspective that myself, as a suicidal person, and a lot of other suicidal people, hold and believe very honestly.

You don't have to agree with that, and I'm not asking you to believe me, I'm asking to to consider that that viewpoint could be correct.

Metaphysics has nothing to do with it,

I meant in the sense that religions often believe in a hell (which wouldn't end your pain). So in taht sense, I meant depending on what you believe about the "afterlife", you might agree or disagree, you know?

Chronic pain is a solid example of a problem that suicide will not solve, but rather, is avoided. Tendons will still be permanently damaged, and nerves will still remain pinched.

What I'm trying to say is that yes, it avoids it. But it can also "solve" the problem of that pain. If the problem is "I will always be in pain (physical or emotional), then suicide allows you to not feel pain anymore. In your eyes, that's not a solution, and i respect that. But in many people's, it is, and I'm asking to to respect taht as well.

, and if your thinking is impaired by drugs, arguing with someone in a suicide forum is probably not a good idea.

I only wanted to ask someone to consider an alternative perspective. I never meant to argue. I only wanted to explain.

I was on a painkiller for a physical injury. The fact that I made a single mistake in wording doesn't affect the truth of what I tried to say. And for what it's worth, half the people on this sub are on anti-depressants....which alter your thinking.....or anti-anxiety meds....which alter your thinking.....or chronic pain pillss....which alter your thinking...or any number of drugs to help them cope with the pain of existing.

Telling someone "Hey, your thinking is "impaired", so you shouldn't be here," isn't something you need to be saying on a support forum. Please, i'm just trying to ask you to understand and consider this.

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